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by: Beth Welsh at

lake house interior design


People fall in love with lake houses because of the idealistic pull of family gatherings, the desire for a retreat, the sense of true relaxation and the hope of creating wonderful memories. The mere notion of “vacation home” invites people to spend their time casually enjoying life, especially in southeastern Wisconsin where the summer months come and go quickly.

The hunt for the perfect lake home begins with investigating lake house real estate in your desired location. Searching out the best lakefront property with a dream house intact is a journey of it’s own. On the outside, your dream vacation home may seem flawless, but once you take a closer look, the relaxation factor may take years to arrive! Don’t lose hope when you come across the perfect lake property filled with grandmas mohair furnishings and all the years of wear and tear that her family is smitten with! Don’t close your eyes and walk away without considering the potential that is perched on the perfect waterfront lot. If the thought of despair comes over you in your search, consider hiring a personal property designer to walk through and be your eyes. Consider asking your lake home realtor to provide you with options for expansion, ideas for re-use of space, along with a list of local contractors and interior designers who could make this become your ideal lakeside retreat.

You may have just found your dream vacation home and let it fall into someone else’s hands.
Three years later, you may float by in your pontoon and see the amazing cape cod that arrived on the same lot where granny’s house of “yuck” once stood, and wonder why you purchased the site with lake rights instead of this beauty right on the waters edge!

Sometimes the smallest changes can bring on the greatest rewards. Interior designers help you see potential and provide you with re-design options and creative ideas for change. Beginning with the exterior: painting a new splash of color, replacing the worn shudders, adding a canopy or umbrella on the deck, planting some large containers spilling over with life, creating welcoming path down to the lake, even hanging a hammock tied between two trees says “come here and stay awhile!”

Many old cottages still have cramped kitchens where no one wants to be, and only one or two can comfortably fit. Removing a wall to open up the cramped space inside isn’t as big of a deal as a home buyer may think. If allowing the family access to the corn on the cob and bratwurst boiling in beer on the stove is what you have in mind, then consider hiring an interior designer to show you how easily the change can be made. If the cabinetry has had its’day, removing the upper cabinetry and adding great shelving can sometimes be exactly what is needed to get that true sense of casual cottage that you are clinging to. Even a full kitchen remodeling project shouldn’t make you want to run and hide. A respected interior designer should have plenty of ideas for refacing and revamping your space while keeping your budget in check.

With the lake house being a gathering spot for both family and multi-generational gatherings creating a sense of escape that is casual and comfortable for everyone is important. Bunk rooms have become the new-old thing to do. Since many companies now make bunk beds with a full sized mattress under a twin or two full sized mattresses over and above, it is feasible for a small cottage bedroom to sleep three or four. Larger rooms can have two sets and sleep six to eight! The built in option is always aesthetically pleasing as well, and since the space would be custom designed, dressers and storage areas could be condensed into the bunk house layout making furniture clutter disappear. Even small lakefront properties can be efficiently designed to accommodate all of your guests comfortably.

Allow yourself to go on the journey of finding your ideal lake house real estate. It may even be the last one you passed up! If you are willing to return with a real estate professional who can help you see the amazing potential hiding in the cat tails, other buyers may be passing your property and kicking themselves for not seeing the cape cod which you made appear!


Beth Welsh

has over fifteen years experience designing homes and businesses in the Lake Geneva area. Working on all aspects of plans, from conceptual through completion has proven to be a good match for her creative energy. She works with home owners, developers and builders adding vision and quality to their projects. She has also rennovated many residences for resale, and has a true sense of what sits and what sells in today's real estate market. Beth holds a bachelors degree in Fine Art and Communications from the University of Wisconsin, Greenbay.



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