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What is LakeHouse411 all about?

LakeHouse411 is a resource for buyers and sellers of lake houses, lake lots, lake property and lake home rentals. LakeHouse411 offers listing services for those wanting to sell their lake homes.

What makes LakeHouse411 unique?

We have invested hundreds of hours gathering lake information in the US and Canada. In addition to specific lake data including lake size, we have collected information about recreation and businesses around most of the lakes. Use the 'United States lake Information' link.

How to Place an Ad (Listing).

1. Use the 'Add Lake Listing' link above. Then you see 'First Time, Start here:' choose the radio button that corresponds to the number of ads you wish to use. Press the 'Register Now' button.

2. Fill out the registration information and your agreement with the 'Terms of Use' for this web site.

3. When you start a new listing/ad the first step will be to pick the STATE where you listing is, then choose the LAKE where you want your ad to appear. Enter your property data, upload photos, follow the process to conclusion. Check out with PayPal. Use your PayPal account or ANY CREDIT CARD! Before your ad expires we will send you an email to ask if you want to continue service. IMORTANT: make sure the LISTING address is not your office address, so Google Maps will show the location of your listing on the lake. You can test the address directly on Google Maps to be sure it shows up.

How do you use LakeHouse411?

Use the search tools or state links to naviaget to the lake or area you want to investigate. Browse available lake houses for sale, look at lake lots and home rentals. You can also easily find information about the lake and near by business.

I found a great lake house listing, now what?

LakeHouse411 provides email communications between buyers and sellers. Use the contact links provided. Make sure to say 'I found your listing on LakeHouse411.com.'

Why do I need to log in?

You need to register to place a listing. If you are simply looking around for lake data to to browse lake listings, no problem, you do not need to register. However if you create a user account (even if you don't have a property to sell) you can mark favorite listings for easier reference.

Why wasn't there data on my lake?

If you don't see data or find incorrect information about your lake, use the 'Contact Us' button and send us an email. Please include the State and Lake name so we can include the information you send. We accept photos, maps, business information including phone, address and web site.

How much does it cost?

First time, use our FREE TRIAL. One ad or listing for an entire year costs only $19.95. Three ads for $49.95. If your property sells you can use that ad for another listing for the rest of the year. Realtors and Rental Agencies, contact us about plans for 10 or more ads. We can include your logo in a storefront for no extra charge. We can arrange IDX feeds so you can have all the listings around a particular lake.

Payment method?

We accept PayPal. Even if you don't have a PayPal account, you can you any major credit card there to pay for your listing. It's easy. After you enter listing info.follow the check out process, press the PayPal button and proceed.

Advertise your lake business?

Add your business to our lake listing information. Pay $20 to 'Orders@lakehouse411.com' in PayPal. Send us an email with your business web link and we'll do the rest. Check out our lake information and see who's listed on your lake! Information will be online for at least three years. Your address, phone, one photo and a link to your web site. That builds web traffic.


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