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Cross Lake, NY

Latitude: 41.2543
Longitude: -73.6329
Counties: Westchester County
Cities: Bedford

Information: The reservoir was finally put into service in 1908. The resulting body of water is one of 16 (12 reservoirs and 4 controlled lakes) in the Croton Watershed, the southernmost of New York City's watersheds. The reservoir is approximately 3.2 miles (5.1 km) long, has a drainage basin of 30 square miles (78 km²), and can hold 10.3 billion gallons (38.9 million m³) of water at full capacity, making it one of the city's smaller reservoirs.
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To reach the city, water flows through Cross River into the Muscoot Reservoir, then down that one into the New Croton Reservoir, where it enters the New Croton Aqueduct in Yorktown. Via the aqueduct, it flows into The Bronx , entering the Jerome Park Reservoir. In Manhattan, it meets the Catskill Aqueduct. It finally flows through Brooklyn and Staten Island, stopping near the end of the island.

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