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Pecks Lake, NY

Lake Size: 1,370 acres
Latitude: 43.1295
Longitude: -74.4087
Lake Level Above Sea Level: 1381 feet (421 meters)
Counties: Fulton County
Cities: Gloversville

Information: Peck’s Lake has been host to seasonal visitors for thousands of years! While this statement sounds like a bit of advertising hyperbole, it is literally true. Early visitors didn’t come here for a summer vacation, or to escape Florida’s heat, as many do today, but rather to gather food and other essentials for the coming winter.The hills and valleys of this region were formed during the ice age. Great gouges in the earth were formed by glacial action, and lower elevations collected water. Ponds and swamps were created, and the land eventually became covered by vegetation. Ancient peoples found this land to be rich in the food sources they required for survival. Artifacts recovered from the lake bottom indicate that prehistoric Native Americans used this area extensively as a hunting and fishing camp. Our present day sportsmen would have been horrified by some of the methods used to harvest food! Fish were taken by netting or spearing, and various kinds of snares and traps were undoubtedly used to capture game.
  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Business
A few forms of recreation enjoyed by our guests include swimming, biking, canoeing or kayaking, jogging, hiking, or just a leisurely walk along the peaceful country roads.
Our lake is fully stocked with Northern Pike; Rainbow and Brown Trout; Walleye; Chain Pickerel; Largemouth, Smallmouth and Rock Bass; Crappie; Yellow Perch; Bluegills; and Bullheads. Our annual fish stocking program ensures continued growth and fish populations.

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