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Seneca Lake, NY

Lake Size: 42,800 acres (173 km)
Deepest Depth: 618 ft
Latitude: 42.655556
Longitude: -76.8975
Lake Level Above Sea Level: 440 ft (130 m)
Counties: Seneca County

Information: Over 200 years ago, there were Iroquois villages on Seneca Lake’s surrounding hillsides. During the Revolutionary War, their villages, including Kanadaseaga (""Seneca Castle"") were wiped out during the Sullivan Expedition by troops that invaded their homeland to punish them for assisting the British. Today roadside signs trace Sullivan and Clinton’s route along the east side of Seneca Lake where the burning of villages and crops occurred. After the war, the land of the Iroquois was parceled out to veterans of the army in payment for their military service. A slow stream of white settlers began to arrive circa 1790. Initially the settlers were without a market nearby or a way to get their crops to market. The settlers’ isolation abruptly ended, though, in the 1820s with the opening of the Erie Canal. The Canal linked the Finger Lakes Region to the outside world. Steamships, barges and ferries quickly became Seneca Lake’s ambassadors of commerce and trade. The former, short Crooked Lake Canal linked Seneca Lake to Keuka Lake.
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Seneca Lake is very popular for sailing and other recreational boating, as Seneca Lake is one of the deepest of the Finger Lakes. Marinas in Waterloo and just south of Geneva offer boat rentals, campgrounds and marine supplies. The big double-decker cruise boats that depart from Watkins Glen are popular with visitors. You're sure to spot these ships if you're on the lake for the day. The Seneca Lake State Park in Geneva features public boat launches and a marina, as well as a picnic area and a swimming beach. The Municipal Campgrounds and Marina in Montour Falls is a great spot off the lake with campgrounds, public boat launches and plenty of boat slips. Boaters can access the lake through the Old Barge Canal.
Seneca Lake is famous for its fishing. Catherine Creek, at the southern tip of the lake, is a particularly favorable spot for trout fishing, though trout (especially brown trout and rainbow trout) is a prime catch all over Seneca Lake. Perch, pike and bass are also abundant. Small-mouth bass are especially good in the warmer waters of the more shallow areas of the lake.
At 38 miles (60 km) long, It is the second longest of the Finger Lakes and has the largest volume, estimated at 4.2 trillion US gallons (16 km³), roughly half of the water in all the Finger Lakes. It has a maximum depth of 618 feet (188 m), and a mean depth of 291 feet (89 m). It has a surface area of 42,800 acres (171 km²).

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