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Wolf Lake, NY

Latitude: 41.5870
Longitude: -74.5888
Lake Level Above Sea Level: 1506 ft
Counties: Sullivan County

Information: Early in 1940 six gentleman, soon to be joined by a seventh, purchased Wolf Lake and the surrounding woodlands and created several subdivisions for developing a summer fishing and boating retreat. Their concept and beliefs were simple: small cabins and bungalows built to be used during the summer. The result was a beautiful lake retreat that one could enjoy, feeling that they were here alone. In 1970 a committee designed the plan to purchase the Lake from the founders. The residents at the time agreed to raise the money to purchase the lake by buying shares of stock in the corporation, which forever would be connected to their property. It was a well thought out corporation, which has worked well since its inception. In keeping with the founders dream Wolf Lake will continue to be Forever Wild.
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Wolf Lake can be found on the Yankee Lake USGS quad topo map. Wolf Lake is a lake in Sullivan County in the state of New York. The latitude and longitude coordinates for this lake are 41.5870, -74.5888 and the altitude is 1506 feet (459 meters).

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