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Neversink River, NY

Lake Size: 92 sq mi
Deepest Depth: 175 ft
Latitude: 41.825833
Longitude: -74.638889
Lake Level Above Sea Level: 1,440 feet
Counties: Sullivan County

Information: Construction began in 1941, as the city realized that after World War II, it would need to increase its supply aggressively to meet explosive growth. Neversink was ultimately chosen after opposition from the region's trout fishermen and the geologic unfeasibility of the site scotched plans for smaller reservoirs along Willowemoc Creek. Two local hamlets with long histories in the area, the ironically-named town of Neversink and the aptly-named Bittersweet, were condemned and flooded to make the reservoir a reality (the former was relocated some distance away and still exists today; the latter is gone completely). The reservoir was finished in 1953 and began sending water the following year, although only in 1955 did it reach its planned capacity.
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Neversink Reservoir is one of several in the Catskill Mountains that supply water to New York City and other communities along its water supply network. It is located in Sullivan County's Town of Neversink, 75 miles (120.6 km) northwest of the city. It is fed by the Neversink River, the longest tributary of the Delaware River. Water collected in the reservoir in turn goes through the Neversink Tunnel a short distance east to Rondout Reservoir to be pooled with that from Pepacton and Cannonsville as well, providing nearly half of the city's daily consumption.

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